Top rated hotel restaurant is a short drive west of Cheyenne

You might not know it, but there are certainly a lot of great restaurants in the country that can be found in hotels across the country. One of them is in Wyoming, just a little west of Cheyenne and Laramie.

Recently, the travel publication “Fodor’s Travel” ran an article titled “These 11 American Hotels Are Some of the Best Restaurants in the Country.” And wouldn’t you know, one of those 11 hotels is in Wyoming, just west of southeastern Wyoming. Not only that, but it is this restaurant that bears the name of our capital!

The Cheyenne Club at Brush Creek Ranch Lodge & Spa in Saratoga, WY was on this exclusive ‘Fodor’s Travel’ list. Here’s what they had to say about Cheyenne Club and why it deserved its praise:

Located on 30,000 acres of a working cattle ranch in southern Wyoming, The Lodge & Spa at Brush Creek Ranch offers an immersive dining experience that is simply phenomenal.

At the heart of this all-inclusive retreat, the Cheyenne Club offers chef-led tasting menus with remarkable dishes including ranch-raised Wagyu beef and produce from the on-site greenhouse as well as over 500 wine varietals in the Site. Wine cellar.

Opened in 2019, some of the most unique offerings at Brush Creek this summer are the goat and baby goat herd experiences for guests of The Farm.

There is also a Medicine Bow Creamery and Brush Creek Distillery on site. Whatever you do, don’t miss the charred bourbon ice cream that uses both bourbon from the distillery and goat’s milk, both of which are highlights of the dessert menu.

They even praised not only the restaurant but also several other features of “The Farm” at the resort.

Cheyenne Club

As someone who has never been there I cannot give a first hand account of it, but just looking at the menu at the Cheyenne Club restaurant I feel like I need to wear a costume just to read it. You can find out what the menu has to offer by clicking on the link here.

While Saratoga is about a 2 hour and 30 minute drive from Cheyenne, there have certainly been longer road trips that people have taken for much less. Considering the fact that we have to drive more than double to get to the attractions in the northwest of the state, Saratoga would look more like a short hike in comparison.

Maybe it needs to be on the must-see list when people pass through Wyoming, especially given its location in the downstate.

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