The “tragic and untimely” death of the manager of the restaurant at the Gilpin hotel was deemed suicidal

A coroner said a hotel restaurant manager who committed suicide would be “missed a lot”.

Bilghin Abibula died in hospital days after trying to end his life, Cockermouth Coroner’s Court has said.

Mr Abibula was the restaurant manager at the Gilpin Hotel and Lake House in Windermere and lived there in staff accommodation with his brother.

The inquest heard that Mr Abibula died aged 30 on September 5 after being taken to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary for treatment.

A few days earlier, he had been found by his brother and another colleague hanged in a wood near where the hotel staff lived.

He later died in hospital from brain damage, the court said.

The coroner learned that Mr Abibula left Romania for the UK four years ago alongside his brother Tekyn to be able to provide more financial support for their mother.

They lived together in a caravan for hotel staff.

In a statement read during the investigation, Tekyn Abibula described how his brother left the trailer to “play video games” at the staff house in the afternoon and returned to the trailer around 10:30 pm.

After falling back to sleep, Tekyn was then alerted by Anbuta Zaharia, a colleague and former partner of Bilghin Abibula, that his brother may have wanted to kill himself and was missing.

She told the inquest that the couple separated five months before Mr Abibula’s death and that he told her on the night of the incident that he loved her.

She said he texted her suggesting he was going to kill himself.

Cumbria Deputy Coroner Craig Smith recorded a finding of suicide, saying the text was “an indicator of intent.”

He said: “His deeply tragic and untimely death will have a tremendous impact on his family, colleagues, friends and they will all miss him.”

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