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A potential buyer says he plans to renovate the old Shenango Inn and return it to its original role as a hotel and restaurant. It was last used over three years ago as a personal care home.

SHARON – Sharon’s zoning council has granted a waiver that would restore the Shenango Inn to an upscale hotel and restaurant.

Prospective buyers Hector and Suzanna Schvartzman, who operate hotels in Kansas and Florida, promised residents at a special Sharon City Council meeting on Thursday that they plan to restore the Shenango Inn to its former glory.

“We’re not modifying the building at all,” Schvartzman said through an interpreter. “We were looking for a special building and found it in the Shenango Inn.”

The classic hotel, located at 1330 Kimberly Road in Sharon, is partly owned by Marty Goldin, who does business as DLZ Capital LLC with a partner.

2019-0802 shenango hostel plaque JZ_1828.JPG

A plaque next to the entrance to the former Shenango Inn in Sharon says it was originally community owned and operated and opened debt free on November 29, 1950 (in the midst of a record snowstorm) .

The building sits on approximately 5 ½ acres in a residential neighborhood on the eastern outskirts of town, two blocks from East State Street.

Goldin said he trusted the Schvartmans.

“I think it’s going to be a good choice for the community,” Goldin said.

The only item on the agenda for Thursday’s special council meeting was to ask the Schvartmans to present a business plan to council and residents for the property.

The Schvartzmans did not present a business plan, but said they were funding the project themselves and were confident that a high-end hotel and restaurant would be successful in Sharon.

Rooms at Schvartzmans’ existing hotels, including the Eleven Boutique Hotel in Emporia, Kan., And the Unno Boutique Hotel in Kissimmee, Fla., Rent from $ 45 to $ 98 per night.

When the Shenango Inn is restored, starting with 80 rooms and later with 25 more, the price per night will be $ 120 to $ 150, Hector said.

Residents and, later that evening, members of the zoning commission feared that a business plan had been presented.

Shenango Inn Hall probably 1950.jpg

A view of the lobby of the Shenango Inn in its heyday, possibly around the time it opened in 1950.

But the Schvartzmans provided the zoning commission with an estimate of $ 1.4 million to renovate the hotel / restaurant. They said they thought it would take them about 18 months until they were up and running.

The Schvartzmans also said the new Shenango Inn will include a spa and gym, and will hopefully be a venue for bigger events, such as weddings.

The Shenango Inn was built in 1950 to meet a need for quality accommodation in the community. It was funded by public shareholders, according to the Sharon Historical Society. But the establishment never made a lot of money, as the annual shareholder meeting reports show.

Notable guests over the years included then-US Senator John F. Kennedy, who stayed overnight and spoke at a breakfast in October 1960 during his successful campaign for the presidency.

The late James E. Winner Jr. and his wife Donna bought it in 1979 and operated it as a hotel for a few years, but sold it after neighbors and the city balked at allowing horses for rides carriage.

The winners then sold it to a private company for use as an assisted living facility. A second private company bought the property and continued to operate for this purpose before closing the house.

The three-story brick building has been vacant for more than three years. The only legal activity on the property has been the training of police dogs from across the country.

After the special council meeting, the vote taken by the zoning council granting the exemption was adopted by 3 votes to 2.

Zoning board member Joseph “Butch” Nichols said he hoped the Schvartzmans’ plans would come to fruition.

PC-shenango hostel La50s-Er60.jpg

The Shenango Inn in Sharon in the late 1950s or early 1960s when it was a community owned hotel and restaurant.

“If it works the way he says it will be fine, it will be fine,” Nichols said. “If he makes this place look like it used to be, with the landscaping and no loud noise, that will make the neighborhood look great again.

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