New Hope Hostel has secret staircase tunnel and ghost of 12-year-old girl

The parquet floor creaks with every step in the rooms dimly lit by antique lamps.

A secret staircase leads nowhere, and the bathroom floor has a mysterious hatch door.

New Hope’s Wedgwood Inn has all the attributes of a haunted house, and some guests spend the night looking for a good scare.

Each year, Bucks County’s historic inns attract customers with stories of guests and owners who have never left. Guests can spend up to $ 610 per night for accommodation on Halloween.

Perhaps the most infamous room number six at Logan Inn is, with four ghosts in residence. Guests have reported seeing a man in the bathroom mirror, a woman watching them in her bed, and two ghost children screaming for attention.

The Black Bass Hotel is said to be haunted by its former owner. Hans was murdered by a canal worker while sitting in the hotel bar. He was spotted there by drinkers (who may have had too much). Hans is said to be a tall and stout man standing where he was stabbed.

The spirit of Wedgwood perhaps has the saddest story.

The ghost known as Sarah has been heard calling her parents, innkeeper Carl Glassman said.

“Sarah has been seen twice but heard many times,” Glassman said. “She is a 12 year old girl who has been separated from her parents.”

Looking up a stone tunnel built in the 1780s to store ammunition, shown during a visit to the Wedgwood Inn in New Hope on Tuesday, October 5, 2021.

The building dates from 1720 and was rebuilt in 1860. The discovery of the hidden staircase, trap door and stone tunnel under the property has led some to believe that it was once a station. of the Underground Railroad.

The Underground Railroad was a network that helped slaves escape to the northern states and Canada in the mid-1800s. Hideouts were known as “stations” and those who aided the runaways were called “hiding places”. conductors ”.

Little is known about the locations used. Hiding slaves or helping them escape was against the law at the time.

Paranormal investigators visited the Wedgwood on several occasions and came to the conclusion that Sarah was traveling north on the Underground Railroad and somehow split up, never reaching freedom.

Wedgwood China exhibits can be found throughout the Wedgwood Inn in New Hope on Tuesday, October 5, 2021

“What psychics tell us is that she’s always there in mind because she’s always looking,” Glassman said. “We don’t know what happened and how she and her parents broke up. Maybe it was more than her parents staying here, but between the hiding place upstairs, the secret staircase behind. that wall and the underground stone tunnel, she parted and when the message was given to leave for the friendly barge, she was kind of left behind. ”

Glassman and his wife, Nadine Silnutzer, said they were no longer disturbed by the strange noises that seemed to emanate from the secret staircase behind the wall.

“We were content with that… to be at peace with it,” Glassman said. “We know we’re just passing through.”

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