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A long-term hotel and rental complex with a restaurant and mixed-use building has been proposed for land along Resort Drive in Parksville.

The land is located on 6.45 acres at 1180 Resort Drive and Island Highway East, near Parksville Repo Depo and Sunrise Ridge Waterfront Resort.

Nigel Gray of MacDonald Gray Consulting presented the project to Parksville City Council on July 16.

There are four buildings proposed for the site;

A three-story, 65-suite hotel, which will most likely be a Holiday Inn Express, a restaurant with an outdoor seating area and patio, a five-story multi-unit residential complex with 40 units and parking on the ground floor , geared towards long-term rentals, and a four-story mixed-use building with 36 suites that include commercial space on the ground floor.

Currently, the site, which is not part of the agricultural land reserve, is zoned for industrial and agricultural uses and for future development under the designation of resort land. Gray asked council to change the official community plan (OCP) and change the zoning to have the property zoned for mixed use (tourist commercial).

The current resort land designation is intended to exclude permanent housing, limit densities to 30 units per hectare, and limit driveway access from Island Highway East. The proposed change to the mixed-use (tourist commercial) designation would not have these restrictions.

A traffic impact assessment was prepared by Adept Transportation Solutions in June 2017. The traffic report recommends direct access to the property from Island Highway East, which will reduce travel distance and intersection loads. near. Gray requested council support for direct home ownership.

A public information session on the proposed complex will take place in late August, on a date to be determined.

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